How to study Christianity

Oh no, big religion up ahead! Where do we start? How do we conquer? How long will this really take?

Before diving into the Bible, you have to know what’s ahead of you. It’s a big book. It has a lot of literal rules to go by, but also many analogies. Get to know the basics here. If you ever are confused, or have any doubts, dive deeper. Comment. Google. Read. But whenever you are getting conflicting answers, realize there can only be one correct one. In order to find this out for yourself, remember the Bible is The Truth… God’s Word… God-breathed.

Also, after feeling secure in your knowledge about Christianity, do not fear learning about other religions. Compare and question these religions as well. I will write some blog posts soon studying other religions, hoping to answer the question of “Why am I a Christian, and not an Atheist, Muslim, Jew, etc.?”

If you are up for it, I would recommend getting started by reading C.S Lewis’ book Mere Christianity. He explains the Christian basics and fundamentals. Here is a video about the book: C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity Study.

A side note to my fellow believers:

Realize that being a Christian is not easy, especially in the current state of the world. You will have doubters. You will have people that will challenge you just so they can find a fault in your understanding of the Christian faith. You will have some who claim they are Christians, but only accept part of God’s Word. You will have people who twist verses in the Bible to fit worldly perceptions of what is good. I urge you to be strong. Whenever you feel broken and alone, realize nothing is worth risking your chance at eternal life. Our time on this Earth is beyond short in comparison to the perfect life that awaits us.

Set your eyes on Heaven, and let’s start our journey together.


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