The Bible Basics

In my last post, “Why the Bible is the Truth?,” I discussed hard and analytical evidence that proves the Bible’s prophetic, geographical, and historical accuracy. The uniqueness of this large text in comparison to many philosopher’s and other religion’s manuscripts (which I will most likely discuss in a future post) demonstrates its power, unity, and truth. Before we dive into our study of the Bible and the Christian faith, we need to know the basics of the Big Book. What really is the Bible? Who wrote it? Where does it come from?


  • Over 40 authors with different literary styles
  • The authors ranged from kings and priests to shepherds and fisherman; with this diversity, each remained unified in their message.


  • 66 books – Yeah, it’s a lot of reading
  • Old Testament
    • Pre-Christ’s Birth
    • Building the Nation of Israel
    • Prophecies of Christ’s coming
  • New Testament
    • Post-Christ’s Birth to Christ’s Resurrection
    • Fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecies
    • Story of Jesus Christ on this Earth
  • Contains laws, poetry, prophecy, history, biographies, formal letters… basically everything since its such a big book.
  • The word “Bible” in both Greek and Latin means “book.” Pretty simple: it’s THE book for all people.


  • The Bible was written over 15 centuries.
  • Covers the beginning of time to one of John’s last manuscripts: Revelation (Approximately 95AD)
  • Started being formally written around 1400BC, when the Egyptians began refining the writing of symbols on clay tablets

Overall the Bible itself is complex, long, and hard to read for long spans of time. Therefore, my goal is to study pieces of the Bible, while referencing other parts to maintain internal consistency.

It’s almost time to start reading!





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